February 14th, San Valentine
“…Les enfants qui s'aiment ne sont là pour personne Ils sont ailleurs bien plus loin que la nuit Bien plus haut que le jour Dans l'éblouissante clarté de leur premier amour”
Jacques Prevert
Lettera G
Wishes You
a Happy New Year
Special Christmas
Saturday, December 14, 2013
lunch break from 9.30 am to 7.00 pm
Factory - Showroom LetteraG by Giovanardi
Via Ozanam 35, Concorezzo
(exit 16 motorway East Milan)
February 14th, San Valentine
Three matches one by one struck in the night.
The first to see the whole of your face, the second to see your eyes, the last to see your mouth And the complete and utter darkness to remember them all, While holding you in my arms. Jacques Prevert
Lettera G wish you
a Happy New Year
Winter white and pure like freshly-fallen snow, like the branches of trees sprinkled with frost, like the limpid, crystal-clear light of those cold, sharp and sunny mornings..